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Do you live on top of Five Mile Prairie? If yes, I would love to deliver to you a pint of our popular Prairie Pantry honey along with six NeedaCookies, all for the sale price of $30. Even if you live elsewhere, you are welcome to pick up your honey and cookies at our place.


The cookies will be the six shown unless you note you'd prefer a different selection. The sampler includes: Maple, Coconut, Ginger, Lemon, Cacao Pecan, and Chocolate. Ingredient and nutrition info for each flavor is included on this website. 


NeedaCookies keep a long time and freeze well.  Half a cookie makes a welcome lunchbox addition for the kids. Needacookies are great for anyone - but especially folks with special dietary needs.

Prairie Pantry Honey and NeedaCookie Special

  • When you check out please "Add a note" with your contact information so we can arrange pick-up or delivery time. 

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